Structural editing and navigation for Clojure.

What is it?

Paredit is a helper to edit your Clojure code in a structural way. LISP isn’t line oriented, it is oriented around sexpressions: forms enclosed in some types of brackets. We strongly recommend you use it.

If you are new to Paredit, start with learning the Slurp Forward (pull in the next form into this sexpression) and Barf Forward (push the last form out of this sexpression).

Also consider enabling the strict mode keybindings. It will help you keep the structure of the code, by ”refusing” to delete brackets that would unbalance things. When you want to delete something that strict mode hinders, use alt+backspace.


Note: You can choose to disable all default key bindings by configuring calva.paredit.defaultKeyMap to none. (Then you probably also want to register your own shortcuts for the commands you often use.)


Default keybinding Action
ctrl+w Expand Selection
ctrl+shift+w Shrink Selection
ctrl+alt+w space Select Current Top Level Form


Default keybinding Action
ctrl+right Slurp Forward
ctrl+shift+left Slurp Backward
ctrl+left Barf Forward
ctrl+shift+right Barf Backward
ctrl+alt+s Splice
ctrl+alt+shift+s Split Sexp
ctrl+delete Kill Sexp Forward
ctrl+shift+backspace (on Mac) Kill Sexp Forward
ctrl+backspace Kill Sexp Backward
ctrl+alt+down Splice & Kill Forward
ctrl+alt+up Splice & Kill Backward
ctrl+alt+( Wrap Around ()
ctrl+alt+[ Wrap Around []
ctrl+alt+{ Wrap Around {}
ctrl+alt+i Indent
--- Transpose
Strict mode keybinding Action
backspace Delete Backward, unless it will unbalance a form
delete Delete Forward, unless it will unbalance a form
shift+backspace (on Mac) Delete Forward, unless it will unbalance a form
ctrl+alt+backspace Force Delete Backward
ctrl+alt+delete Force Delete Forward
alt+shift+backspace (on Mac) Force Delete Forward

NB: Strict mode is disabled by default. If you enable it, the backspace and delete keys won’t let you remove parentheses or brackets so they become unbalanced. To force a delete anyway, use the supplied commands for that. Strict mode can be switched on by by configuring calva.paredit.defaultKeyMap to strict.


Default keybinding Action
ctrl+alt+c ctrl+right Copy Forward Sexp
ctrl+alt+c ctrl+left Copy Backward Sexp
ctrl+alt+c ctrl+down Copy Forward Down Sexp
ctrl+alt+c ctrl+up Copy Backward Up Sexp
ctrl+alt+c ctrl+alt+right Copy Close List


Default keybinding Action
ctrl+alt+x ctrl+right Cut Forward Sexp
ctrl+alt+x ctrl+left Cut Backward Sexp
ctrl+alt+x ctrl+down Cut Forward Down Sexp
ctrl+alt+x ctrl+up Cut Backward Up Sexp
ctrl+alt+x ctrl+alt+right Cut Close List